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Tribute to Tupac Shakur’s 15th anniversary.

The hip hop legend passed away on Tuesday, Sept 13, 1996 after a drive-by shooting. His legacy lives on and his music has changed more than just hip hop. 

Kanye West To Debut Women’s Fashion Line Next Month

Kanye West Coachella Celine

Harper’s Bazaar Australia reports that Kanye West will unveil his S/S 12 Collection for women at Paris Fashion Week. 

The collection is under lockdown but we have no doubt he will blow us away. The man can make any piece of clothing look good!

Left: Kanye West at Coachella in women’s top from designer Celine. 

The Winklevoss Twins strike back again, but this time with pistachios.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood in GQ Cover Story

Leonardo DiCaprio is the cover of GQ October 2011.

GQ Leonardo DiCaprio

He is playing FBI legend J.Edgar Hoover in the November release of J.Edgar directed by Clint Eastwood.

Leonardo DiCaprio Clint Eastwood

The two men engage in a joint interview and discuss politics and their careers.

Read some of the highlights here.

RIP DJ Mehdi

Sad news came today that the French electro/hip hop producer and DJ passed away in a freak accident. You will be missed.

         DJ Mehdi performing live for Nouveau York at Le Bain, The Standard NY.

Belgian Pauline Van der Cruysse for Vogue Spain.

Photographed by Paola Kudacki

See the full spread at Fashion Gone Rogue.

Macy’s Writes Brooklyn A Love Letter



Macy’s turned a Brooklyn garage into words of love. They hired graffiti artist Steve Powers, known as ESPO, to make it happen. 

Beatles Music Remains Locked In Copyright

Beatles music will remain in copyright protection for another 20 years. The Council of European Union voted yesterday to increase the copyright term of music recordings from 50 to 70 years. For those who were looking forward to the release of the Beatles music into the public domain, we have something to cheer you up. 

"Here Comes The Sun" - Beatles:

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